New Arrival - JOIDART:
The ALEGRIA Collection, designed in collaboration with Carme Fàbregas, the jeweler and gemologist, is all about vibrant colors. Each piece captures the light and energy of life on the colorful streets of the Costa Brava in summer. Made of 24K gold-plated matte metal adorned with handcrafted Murano glass beads.


JOIDART 40th Anniversary Campaign:
To celebrate the brand’s 40 years of creation, we will run a very special campaign starting tomorrow 5 March (Fri) through 4 April (Sun), during which you will get a 20% discount on any JOIDART piece you like. Discover the brand’s unparalleled creativity and craftsmanship! Don’t miss out this golden opportunity!!!


New Arrival - ADER.bijoux:
A sophisticated take on a primitive jewelry. The new POMPEII necklace, which features the rope knot motif, has an exotic yet contemporary look. It comes in two different finishes, silver-plated brass and gold-plated brass, and both are antiquated.


New Arrival - Medecine Douce:
The ULYSSE Collection offers unmissable pieces - necklace and earrings - in geometric design. White and gold is a classic and unwavering combination: mother-of-pearl shines softly against gold.


New Arrival - Helena Rohner:
The new pair of sterling silver earrings features the refreshing combination of two different stones that are set back to back, and the button shaped stone adds it a playful touch. It swings lightly as you walk. Two combinations are available: Sodalite/Moonstone and Chrysoprase/Citrine.


New Arrival - jorge morales:
You don’t want to miss the new two-in-one necklace! This versatile necklace can be worn in three different ways - a silver chain pendant with the textured metal motif, a short gold chain necklace with baroque pearls, and two layered together. Perfect for every occasion!


New Arrival - Helena Rohner:
Her iconic design elements - porcelain and smooth round drop shape - are combined to create a distinctive pair of earrings. This is one of the most recognizable styles in her classics. Three combinations are available this season: celeste porcelain set on sterling silver, mango on sterling silver, and almond on 18K gold-plated brass.


New Arrival - jorge morales:
New earrings in playful feather form and textured metals. The gold and silver plates swing and sway beautifully when you move or in a spring breeze.


New Arrival - JOIDART:
The GALERA Collection, designed by JOIDART LAB, features the unique lines that make up the silhouette of the coral branches. The cutout design adds a refreshing look and feel. Available in two finishes: rhodium-plated matte silver and 24K gold-plated matte metal.


New Arrival - JOIDART:
Drawing inspiration from the pale tones of feathers, Sara Domènech, jeweler and sculptor, created the AIROSA Collection, which comprises of simple, light and comfortable pieces with a touch of character. Especially the necklace gives subtle glamour to your spring and summer outfits.


New Arrival - jorge morales:
Combining slightly curved metal sticks in different length, he created a wonderful set of sleek jewels. The necklace and pair of earrings can seamlessly transition from day to night. Available in two finishes: pearl on gold-plated brass and hematite on silver-plated brass.


New Arrival - JOIDART:
Inspired by the fluidity of organic lines, Carme Fàbregas created the strikingly beautiful collection EXUBERANT. Each piece, accented with the clear light of color, evokes happiness, warmth and confidence. Available in two finishes: rhodium-plated matte silver with Murano glass stone in shades of green and blue; and 24K gold-plated matte brass with Murano glass in shades of mauve.


New Arrival - JOIDART:
The most sought-after collection LORNA is back this season with our favourite long necklace and matching earrings. The double loop motif, made of high quality sterling silver, represents simplicity and sophistication. Don’t miss out on this limited offer!


New Arrival - Helena Rohner:
Yet another sophisticated piece from her timeless collection. This new pair of earrings adds a modern flair to your everyday attire. The design has warmth and personality, which is instantly recognizable. Available in two finishes: sterling silver and 18K gold-plated brass.


New Arrival - Helena Rohner:
Her timeless ring is simple yet impressive. The shape is unmistakably hers - sleek, round and organic - and this season, it’s slightly bigger and bolder. Available in two finishes: sterling silver and 18K gold-plated brass.


New Arrival - jorge morales:
The long silver chain necklace accented with the textured gold metal and baroque pearls is perfect for you to update your look - in many ways! With the designed clasp, you can wear it long, double it up, or as a lariat.


New Arrival - JOIDART:
The CARLA Collection designed by Carme Fàbregas is back! It draws inspiration from underwater shimmering bubbles. Handcrafted with sterling silver, groups of circles that evoke organic, abstract textures transform into unique and playful pieces.


New Arrival - Helena Rohner:
New HR timeless pieces look clean and contemporary. Flat and slightly curved at a corner, this necklace is must-have for modern women. Available in two finishes: sterling silver and 18K gold-plated brass.


New Arrival - jorge morales:
Sleek and handsome. Pearl softly shines on gold and hematite looks cool on silver. These are the best minimalist bangle and ring for this season.


New Arrival - Medecine Douce:
Dainty flower in the form of jewelry. Sophisticated and elegant, the QUEEN Collection evokes a dialog between the preciousness of Swarovski crystals and the finesse of gold.


New Arrival - JOIDART:
Let’s kick off 2021 with the bright and beautiful pieces from Barcelona! The ESPURNA Collection designed by JOIDART’s team embodies the reflection of light on water. Fragments of colour come together to transform into timeless pieces.


Pop-Up Event in SEIBU Ikebukuro:
During the week from 27 January to 2 February, MONAD will do a pop-up at Space by THEATREUX (Level 2, South Zone) in SEIBU Department Store, the head store in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. We will showcase the new “Bright & Beautiful” pieces from Spring 2021 collections. Please come visit us!


Temporary Closure:
Our Nezu shop will be closed from 25 January through 5 February. We will resume our regular business hours at 11:00 on 6 February. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.